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Payphone Model 2200

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  • Armor-Shield Dial with keypad protected by a 1/8" steel plate
  • Polished one-piece faceplate chrome thickness or stainless steel
  • Improved Hookswitch Microswitch
  • Relay Mounting Thumb Screws for easier installation
  • Improved Handset Strain Relief Bracket
  • Moisture Protection on Relay and Trigger Pile-ups
  • Nickel-plated Vault Door Mechanism for corrosion resistance
  • Case Hardened Locking Bars on Vault Door
  • Upper Housing Gasket for moisture protection
  • Brass insert on Coin Mechanism to prevent stripping
  • Durable handset with armored cord and stainless steel lanyard
  • Hearing Aid Compatible Handset
  • Upper and Lower Locks